The highly-anticipated International event is swiftly approaching, and for those eager to join us, we have crucial dates to help you plan your attendance. Dota 2 TI Tickets to be part of the live audience at The International 2023 in Seattle, WA will be available for purchase starting on August 25th, 2023. Whether you’re gearing up to attend in person or tune in from across the globe to enjoy our live-streamed broadcast, prepare to rally behind the planet’s most exceptional Dota teams as they vie for the Aegis.

As we previously announced earlier this month, The International Dota 2 Ti tickets 2023 Championships will be divided into two distinct phases this year, spanning three thrilling weekends: The Road to the International, encompassing the Group Stage (October 12th-15th) and Playoffs (October 20th-22nd), followed by The International itself (October 27th-29th).

Notably, both the Playoffs and The International will feature live audiences this year. To avoid any confusion stemming from the new naming convention, tickets for each of these events will go on sale on separate dates.

Here are the scheduled sales dates on Ticketmaster:

The International 2023 at Climate Pledge Arena

Tickets will be available starting August 25th at 10 AM Pacific Time on Ticketmaster.

These tickets will be sold as a three-day pass, covering the entire event, priced at $699 USD + Fees per pass.

Attendees who link their Steam account to their pass will receive a Treasure of the Crimson Witness 2023 (with further opportunities to win more during the event).

The Road to the International – Playoffs at Seattle Convention Center’s Summit Building

Tickets will be up for grabs on August 28th at 10 AM Pacific Time on Ticketmaster.

These tickets will be sold individually for each of the three days, at $99 USD + Fees per ticket.

For purchasing tickets for all events, please visit this link: The International Dota 2 Championship Tickets

We’re thrilled to welcome back the Dota community to Seattle after five years, and we’re equally excited to greet millions of viewers from around the world via our live stream. Whether in person or virtually, we look forward to having you with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is The International 2023?

The International will span three days, from October 27th to 29th, at Climate Pledge Arena. The Road to the International – Playoffs will run for three days, from October 20th to 22nd, the weekend preceding The International, at the Seattle Convention Center’s Summit Building.

How can I purchase a ticket to The International? What types of tickets are available?

The International offers a three-day pass (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) priced at $699 USD + Fees. These passes will be available for purchase on August 25th at 10:00 AM PT on Ticketmaster. All tickets are General Admission.

How can I purchase a ticket to The Road to the International – Playoffs? What types of tickets are available?

Playoffs Day 1 (Friday), Day 2 (Saturday), and Day 3 (Sunday) tickets will be sold individually for $99 USD + Fees per ticket. These tickets will be available for purchase on August 28th at 10:00 AM PT on Ticketmaster. All tickets are General Admission.

How many Dota 2 ti tickets can I buy?

Each transaction allows for the purchase of up to five tickets.

How do I obtain my Dota 2 ti tickets?

Your Playoff tickets and The International three-day pass will be accessible in your Ticketmaster account as Mobile Entry Tickets, eliminating the need for physical pickup. It’s advisable to save your ticket to your mobile wallet before the event for convenient access.

What should I do if I encounter any issues with my mobile ticket?

For all ticket-related inquiries, please contact Ticketmaster support. Additionally, there will be a Will Call office on-site at the event to assist you.

Can I choose my seat, or are seats pre-assigned?

Both Playoffs and The International are General Admission events, meaning that GA ticket holders can occupy nearly any available seat, except for reserved sections like those designated for press or pro players.

Is re-entry permitted?

Yes, re-entry is allowed once your ticket for the day has been scanned. You will receive a unique wristband upon entry for re-entry convenience.

Is a Dota 2 ti ticket refund possible?

Tickets are only refundable if the event itself is canceled for any reason.

Can I transfer or resell my ticket?

Certainly, tickets can be transferred between accounts and bought/sold directly on Ticketmaster. You can find instructions on how to transfer tickets here and instructions on how to buy/sell tickets.

Can I split my three-day pass for The International?

The three-day pass for The International is a single-entry barcode, making it impossible to divide into individual daily tickets for sale, transfer, or purchase. However, ticket transfers will be permitted until the start of the final day of the event. Please note that once a pass has been scanned in for the day, it cannot be used for entry for the remainder of that day, even if the ticket has been transferred.

Will regular Crimson Witness Treasure drops be available as in previous years?

Crimson Witness Treasures will still drop upon First Blood in each game at The International, just as in previous editions.

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