Dota 2 BattleCup Boost

Next Steps After Placing Your Dota 2 Battle Cup Boost Order: A Guide to Our Process


The moment you place the order on our website, our system will assign you a unique order ID. Write that order ID or a screenshot of your whole order on our discord channel and our support team will start your order within 10-15 minutes according to your order preference.


Our system is designed in a way that every Dota 2 customer can communicate with us easily. You just have to order by writing your current and desired MMR and hit on the checkout button. Our system will assign you a unique order number. After that, our support team will contact you via our discord channel and your order will be started according to your order preference.


Make sure to write your Discord ID while placing your order so our crew can communicate with you through Discord. Once your order is confirmed from our end, our team will assign you a booster, and our professional booster will help you to win those 3 battle cup games.



We understand that a gamer’s account is like an asset for them. So our team always assures that it’ll always be safe with us during the boosting process. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve purchased our Dota 2 solo or DuoQ MMR boosting service, our boosters would complete the given task and log out your ID from their device. Order now and enhance your gameplay by using our safe and secure Dota 2 MMR boosting services.


Client’s account privacy is our top concern for us. So our team made very strict rules and all our boosters would have agreed to follow them. For example, if our booster would play on your account if you’ve ordered a solo boost, then he’ll achieve your desired rank by playing in offline mode. In this journey, he’ll never interact with your friends, and won't share your profile information with anyone.


Our team conduct marketing research and found out that there are so many Dota 2 lovers around the globe. So we decided to provide our services all our the world, which means our boosters are also from all over the world. So if you can’t speak English and can only communicate in your native language then we’ll assign you a booster that can communicate with you in your first language.

What is Dota2 Battle Cup Boost?

Every week, Dota 2 provides the opportunity for every player that he/she can participate in the Battle Cup with a team of five players. Dota 2 divides players into 8 tiers. The higher the tier, the more pro players you’ll meet in the battle cup. Players need to play and win those 3 games in order to win the battle cup. After each game, you’ll meet more pro players as your opponent.

But most of the players can’t even win their first game because of noobs and toxic teammates. That’s why, our team decided to launch Dota 2 Battle Cup boost services so that every passionate player can win those three battle cup games and show some flex to their friends. This service is only for Dota 2 Plus subscribers because players need to buy tickets in order to participate in the battle cup. Non-dota 2 plus players can also participate in the battle cup by purchasing the battle cup ticket.

How Does Our Dota 2 Battle Cup Service Work?

Are you fed up with losing the battle cup every week because of poor matchmaking and tox teammates? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With our services, your hard-earned money will be safe with us because we’ll give you guaranteed wins in the battle cup.

Our services work in two ways. In the first case, one of our professional boosters will play on your account and win those 3 battle cup games single-handedly. You just need to give us your account credentials on our Discord channel and we’ll make it happen for you. Just visit our Dota 2 Battle Cup boost page and hit on the checkout button to purchase our battle cup service.

In the second case, if you want to learn some pro tricks and tactics, then the DuoQ option is for you. You don’t have to give your login details. Just purchase our battle cup services by enabling the DuoQ option before hitting on the checkout button, and our team will assign you a professional booster, and he’ll play and win those 3 games with you.