Dota 2 Account Buy

Next Steps After Placing Your Dota 2 Account Buy Order: A Guide to Our Process


When customers purchase from our website, the system will assign them a unique order number. They just need to write that order number in our Discord channel and our support team will assign you a booster if you’ve enabled the DuoQ option. Otherwise, they’ll ask you to write your account login credentials so that our professional booster can play and achieve your desired goal.


We use two types of methods. The first one is the live chatbot. You just need to write your query in the chat box and our support team will ask in minutes. The other one is our company's Discord channel. Here, we communicate with our clients, assign their boosters, and solve their every query in no time. That’s why we ask our clients to provide your discord ID while placing the order so our support team can contact them as soon as feasible.


When you write the order ID in our discord channel, our support crew verifies it by checking the options if you’ve enabled any options or not, then our team will start your order according to your order preference. For example, if you’ve bought a Dota2 account from our website, then your account will be delivered within 24 hours after complete verification.



We understand that a gamer’s account is like an asset for them. So our team always assures that it’ll always be safe with us during the boosting process. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve purchased our Dota 2 solo or DuoQ boosting service, our boosters would complete the given task and log out your ID from their device. Order now and enhance your gameplay by using our safe and secure boosting services.

Note: If you’ve got an account and you’ve tried your best to climb up toward your desired rank but you failed every single time because of toxic teammates. Don’t worry, order now at our Dota 2 MMR Boosting service and get a chance to play with talented players.


Client’s account privacy is our top concern for us. So our team made very strict rules and all our boosters would have agreed to follow them. For example, if our booster would play on your account if you’ve ordered a solo boost, then he’ll achieve your desired rank by playing in offline mode. In this journey, he’ll never interact with your friends, and won't share your profile information with anyone.


Our team conduct marketing research and found out that there are so many Dota 2 account buy lovers around the globe. So we decided to provide our services all our the world, which means our boosters are also from all over the world. So if you can’t speak English and can only communicate in your native language then we’ll assign you a booster that can communicate with you in your first language.

What is Dota2 Account Buy?

When a Dota 2 player starts playing on a new account, he/she needs to play 120 normal games to unlock the rank matches. But most of the players don’t find it entertaining because it's not worth it. That’s why our team decided to launch a service named Dota 2 Account Buy.

How Does it Work?

In this specific service, players don’t need to play those 120 unranked matches anymore in order to unlock their MMR. Just buy our Dota 2 account buy service and we provide you with a Dota 2 account of your desired medal and MMR. You just need to visit our Dota 2 account buy service and order by entering your desired medal and our support team will arrange an account of your choice.


Market Competitive Rates

We understand that not every player who’s passionate about the games can afford the boosting services because they’re very expensive these days. But in our platform, money doesn’t matter to us but our client’s happiness does. Our aim is to provide boosting services to every Dota 2 lover at cheap and affordable prices.

Discounted Coupons

There are so many websites that are providing boosting services but we assure you that not everyone is providing a 45% straight discount on each purchase. But we are doing it, just for the sake of our valuable clients. Order now and experience the most reliable and trusted boosting services around the globe.

24/7 Customer Support

When it comes to providing 24/7 customer support, our support team is a master of this art. We totally understand that clients’ questions and queries can be raised at any time, and we want to be there for our reputable customers to assist them. Whether it’s a middle of the night or a holiday, our support crew is always at your service.

Track Your Order

Gone are the days of uncertainty and waiting. With our reliable tracking system, you’ll have a complete update about your order from start to finish. No more wondering, what is the current progress of your purchase, just write your order number on our discord channel and our support member will let you know the progress of your purchase. So sit back, relax, and let our order tracking feature take away any worries, ensuring a smooth and stress-free shopping experience.

100% Satisfaction and Guaranteed Refund Policy

We are committed to providing you with an exceptional experience that exceeds your expectations. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, we have you covered with our guaranteed refund policy. We believe in the value and effectiveness of what we offer, and we want you to feel the same.

If you’re not happy with your order, simply reach out to our friendly customer support team, and we’ll work with you to make it right. Whether that means a refund, or finding a solution that suits your needs, we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee and hassle-free refund policy, you can shop with confidence, knowing that we’ve got your back every step of the way. Kindly keep in mind that you’ll receive 50% amount if the booster already started your order.