Dota 2 Rank Calibration

Next Steps After Placing Your Dota 2 Rank Calibration Order: A Guide to Our Process


Once you've successfully placed your order, our system will generate a unique order ID, which will be displayed on our website. Please make sure to note down this order ID and share it with us via the chatbox for further processing.


Our dedicated customer support team is at your service 24/7. As soon as you've completed your order, expect to hear from us shortly via email or Discord. Alternatively, you can also initiate contact through the chatbox, providing us with your Discord username and the order ID for smooth communication.


Upon verifying your order, typically within 3-5 minutes, we will promptly commence working on it, taking into account any additional features you have selected.

Dota 2 Glicko Ranking With Dota2MMRBOOST

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Upgrade Your Dota 2 Experience with Rank Calibration Boost

At our calibration service, we have a team of expert boosters (6,000 - 10,000 MMR) dedicated to providing you with the best possible results during Dota 2 rank calibration. Here's what you need to know:

New Ranking Algorithm: Glicko

With the introduction of the Glicko system, we prioritize teamplay performance and personal activities within the game to determine your new rank. This algorithm adjusts your MMR if you're playing outside of your current skill bracket, helping you reach your appropriate rank faster. Experience the effectiveness of Glicko ranking through our calibration service.

Guaranteed Winrate, Flexible Medals

We guarantee the winrate of your calibration, ensuring that you achieve favorable results during the 10 TBD (To Be Determined) games. While we do not guarantee specific medals, we provide transparency by sharing our results for reference. Your medal after recalibration may vary due to changes in the new medal ranked system, such as the removal of the 0-star medal and an increased medal cap. For example, even with 5.0k MMR, your medal may still be Ancient 5. Embrace the new medal system and aim for your desired rank.

Refund Policy for Unsatisfactory Winrates

Our commitment to your satisfaction is paramount. If our winrate during the 10 TBD games falls below 40%, we offer a full refund. We stand by our service and want to ensure you have a positive experience.

Starting Dota 2 MMR Factors and Rank Confidence

Your starting Dota 2 MMR is influenced by all the games you have played from the beginning , with calibration games having a significant impact on your final MMR. To provide accurate calibration results, we consider various factors for Rank Confidence calculation. Your in-game performance, history of matches played since the creation of your account, high KDA rate, and substantial hero damage contribute to determining your rank. Trust our expertise to deliver precise calibration results.

Experience the difference with our Dota 2 rank calibration boost service. We guarantee your winrate during calibration, adapt to the new medal ranked system, offer a refund for unsatisfactory winrates, and consider various factors for accurate calibration. Elevate your Dota 2 journey with our dedicated team of boosters, ensuring a rewarding and fulfilling experience.