Dota 2 Hero Tier Boost

What Happens Next After Placing Your Dota 2 Hero Tier Boost Order: A Comprehensive Walkthrough of Our Process


Upon placing your order, you will be promptly redirected to our website, where you will receive a unique order ID. It is important to share this order ID with us via the chatbox to facilitate further processing.


Our dedicated customer support team is available around the clock. Following the placement of your order, expect to receive an email or Discord message from us shortly. Alternatively, you can take the initiative to contact us through the chatbox, providing your Discord details and the order ID.


Once we have confirmed your order, usually within 3-5 minutes, we will immediately commence the necessary actions, taking into consideration the add-ons you have selected.



We understand that a gamer’s account is like an asset for them. So our team always assures that it’ll always be safe with us during the boosting process. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve purchased our Dota 2 solo or DuoQ boosting service, our boosters would complete the given task and log out your ID from their device. Order now and enhance your gameplay by using our safe and secure boosting services.


Client’s account privacy is our top concern for us. So our team made very strict rules and all our boosters would have agreed to follow them. For example, if our booster would play on your account if you’ve ordered a solo boost, then he’ll achieve your desired rank by playing in offline mode. In this journey, he’ll never interact with your friends, and won't share your profile information with anyone.


Our team conduct marketing research and found out that there are so many Dota 2 lovers around the globe. So we decided to provide our services all our the world, which means our boosters are also from all over the world. So if you can’t speak English and can only communicate in your native language then we’ll assign you a booster that can communicate with you in your first language.

Introducing Dota 2 Hero Tier Boost: Unshackle Your Hero's Potential with Dota2mmrboost

What is Dota 2 Hero Tier Boost?

With our exclusive Dota 2 Hero Tier Boost service, we take your hero to new heights, unlocking their full potential and earning you prestigious badges and voice lines. Our skilled players will complete challenges and level up your hero to your desired tier, ensuring you stand out in every match.

How does it work?

Our talented boosters, partnered with Dota2mmrboost, will take charge of your hero's journey. They will tackle challenges, earn shards, and upgrade your hero's tier level. As your hero ascends through the ranks of Bronze, Silver, Golden, Platinum, Master, and Grand Master, you'll unlock badges and rewards and unlock badges displayed proudly over your hero, making a bold statement on the battlefield. Plus, hero-specific voice lines for the Chat Wheel will be at your fingertips, allowing you to command attention and rally your teammates.

Perks of Our DOTA 2 Hero Tier BOOST SERVICES

Exquisite Badges

With each hero tier you unlock - Bronze, Silver, Golden, Platinum, Master, and Grand Master - a unique badge will adorn your hero, showcasing your dedication and skill. Be the envy of your opponents and allies alike as your hero shines brightly at the start of each match.

Heroic Voice Lines

Alongside your badges, you'll gain access to hero-specific voice lines for the Chat Wheel. Communicate with flair, assert your dominance, and let your presence be known across the Dota 2 realm.

Enhanced Recognition

Your hero's badges will catch the eyes of your teammates when you ping on the map, ensuring they recognize your hero's prowess. Stand out among the ranks and be acknowledged as a force to be reckoned with.

Unlock Your Hero's Potential Today

Choose Dota2mmrboost's Dota 2 Hero Tier Boost service and witness your hero's transformation. Level up, earn badges, and unleash hero-specific voice lines to dominate the battlefield. With our boosters guiding you, your hero's ascension awaits.

Additional Options and Requirements

We understand your preferences, which is why we offer additional options such as playing offline and live-streaming your journey on popular platforms like YouTube or Twitch. Contact our support team for a personalized ETA based on your current progress and target tier.

Prepare for the ultimate hero experience. Dota 2 Hero Tier Boost is exclusively available for Dota Plus subscribers. Join the ranks of elite players and unlock the true potential of your hero.